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Coomatec DVRCam C909 SONY CCD 700TVL Outdoor Waterproof IR Cut SD Card DVR CCTV camera All In One DVR Camera Array IR Leds

Coomatec DVRCam C909 SONY CCD 700TVL Outdoor Waterproof IR Cut SD Card DVR CCTV camera All In One DVR Camera Array IR Leds

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  • Product Specification:

    • Technology: Infrared
      IR Distance(m): 30m
      Power Supply(V): 12V
      Sensor: CMOS
      Viewing Angle (Degree): 30
      TF Card Support: Up to 64G

Product Description

C909 DVRCam Video Demo
World's most simple security system.

C909 is used for indoor & outdoor surveillance, which is combined with SD Card DVR board and SONY CCD sensor with Array IR leds. Remote control

can help you operate this DVRCam easily. It can support 64GB SD Card and record 10 days videos.

Note: DVRCam, like SD Card DVR and CCTV system, helps to record what happened, not a realtime internet camera.

Plug and Play


Step1. Insert micro SD card into camera and plug in power supply to record videos.

Step2. Read videos via usb cable from the camera.

Excellent View  


As the light gets low, night vision automatically turns on. When the light returns, night vision automatically turns off.


Videos played on Surveillance TV


The videos are recorded onto SD card which can be playback on surveillance monitor. 10-12 days of video can be recorded onto the 64GB SD card.

Waterproof Install 


The aluminum alloy shell makes it possible to be mounted outdoor with water resistance feature. The glass inlaying makes the camera work normally.

Customer Reviews

Customer FAQ

Q1.  New Manual of Coomatec DVRCam is Available to Download,More
Q2.  Coomatec DVRCam Time Setting
         Please follow as ....,More
Q3.  Black Screen but Only Sound of my video in DVRCam
         I have tried yet again to record and still no picture.....,More
Q4.  How to Reset Coomatec DVRCam?
         First please plug out the power supply and...,More
Q5.  The blue is blinking while pluging in power supply, but there is no file under the VIDEO/RECORD directory, Why?
         Please plug in power to record above 30mins...,More
Q6.  Another 3GP Player
         play the recorded footage off my win7 pc or even my tv...,More
Q7.  Does DVRCam record when motion is detected or does it just record continously?
         The DVRCam records all the time. ,More
Q8.  I use Win7, and Why not get the Video while My DVRCam is connecting with PC?
         If your OS is Win7......,More
Q9.  Why The Light of DVRCam dome is always Red?
         First, confirm whether your TF card is in good quality...,More
Q10.  How Many Days Can the 32GB TF card Record?
         10 days video can be recorded at 352*288 and 4 days...,More
Q11.  Where is the Reset in the DVRCam?
         In the SD Card DVRCam Dome C802, the Reset is near to the TF Card hole...,More
Q12.  What Can I DO If My DVRCam Is Not Working in 2 Years Warranty?
         First, please contact with to get technical help...,More
Q13.  How to Set up Coomatec DVRCam on Mac OS?
         Coomatec provide solutions for Mac users...,More
Q14.  My DVRCam Can not Be Recognized By PC/Laptop
         If the DVRCams can't be recognized while pluging the camera...,More
Q15.  How To Test Micro SD Card If Mine Can Not Work With Coomatec DVRCam?
         Download Micro SD Card Testing ...,More
Q16.  How To Set Up Time If I Use 64GB Micro-SD Card?
         Coomatec provide solutions for 64GB.....,More
Q17.  How to View C802H On My PC?
         Step1: Install the Driver on your PC...,More
Q18.  How to Modify Video Size for C802B and C808B?
         Insert TF card with TF card reader into PC and download......,More

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