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Q: I have a dome camera, and it's working great I however I cannot get it to remember the time setting. I have downloaded the Time Setting application, connect the camera to the PC, long press the button, run the software and click save settings. After this if I connect the camera to the power adapter while the blue LED is on (it stays on after disconnecting the camera from the PC for about 5 seconds), it won't start recording. If I connect it after it switched off, it records, but the time is reset to 1980. How should this work?


A: Please follow as :


1. Insert TF card and connect the DVRCam to PC,  (Don't press the menu button)

2. When the "Removable Disk" appears, download the "Time setting" software and click save settings.
Please check whether the current time is right in your zone and save it as below.



Find help on Youtube:





If still not ok, Please help to confirm:
1.Do you set the time with TF card inserted? If not, please try with TF Card inserted.
2.After plug power out, does the indicator still stay on about 3 seconds? If not, it is the problem of built in battery.

If your operation system of PC is Mac, please follow this link to find for mac:


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