Where is the Reset in the DVRCam?

In the SD Card DVRCam Dome C802, the Reset is near to the TF Card hole... learn more >>

What Can I DO If My DVRCam Is Not Working in 2 Years Warranty?

First, please contact with to get technical help... learn more >>

How to Set up Coomatec DVRCam on Mac OS?

Coomatec provide solutions for Mac users... learn more >>

My DVRCam Can not Be Recognized By PC/Laptop

If the DVRCams can't be recognized while pluging the camera... learn more >>

How To Test Micro SD Card If Mine Can Not Work With Coomatec DVRCam?

Download Micro SD Card Testing ... learn more >>

How To Set Up Time If I Use 64GB Micro-SD Card?

Coomatec provide solutions for 64GB..... learn more >>

How to View C802H On My PC?

Step1: Install the Driver on your PC... learn more >>

How to Modify Video Size for C802B and C808B?

Insert TF card with TF card reader into PC and download...... learn more >>
WIFI Camera

I hear a little loud hiss from the WiFiCam, can you fix it?

The problem is not solved completely....... learn more >>
Battery Powered

What Can I Do If My WiFiCam Can Not Connect With Wireless Router?

Please try this way... learn more >>

For technical problem, please contact Coomatec at

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