The World Most Simple Security System - DVRCam

From Vince Rocco in Axis communications, the best IP solutions provider, the DVR CCTV system will be outdated and demised.  One of reasons is the increase in storage capacity of SD/MicroSD cards.  Thirty-two gigabytes is standard today with 64 GB and higher capacity emerging to allow for extended time periods of recording to reside directly on video cameras that support this technology. If this edge storage can be used standalone camera, the one or two cameras projects are suitable to install the standalone cameras.


That is why Coomatec develop DVRCam, a standalone camera with storage up to 32GB, supporting 7 days continual video recording.  With DVRCam, you don't need to hire someone to install and wire in your house, and just complete it by yourself. In the world, there is no surveillance security system so simple as the Coomatec DVRCam yet. Without DVR and harddisk, the DVRCam can work with only 32GB TF card, save big money for you.

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