Forget Baby monitor, Coomatec WiFiCam Is Coming
WiFiCam Is Coming

There is a niche that is hardly catered for in the low-cost baby monitor world - the standalone camera that can work with smart phone. Now one is about to hit the market - the Coomatec WiFiCam.


To understand why the WiFiCam is so exciting you have to consider how you might use your baby monitor.  Suppose you want to watch your baby in next baby room, you should take the display every time.  Already you have a phone in the hand. You might want to have smart phone which also can view your baby.  Ok, the WiFiCam built in Wi-Fi Peer to Peer can solve this problem. It is compatible with iPhone, Android phone, and laptop too. 


Think that how much you buy a suit of baby monitor, it costs you at least 100USD. Now you spend only 55USD to get a Coomatec WiFiCam. 

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